i destroy everything. im an asshole.
i fight.
fuck off
Anonymous said:
awww cute letter you pussy!!!

Lol thanks, but how am I the pussy when you can’t even man up & say who you are?!

Here’s why I love Tina Marie

I love her because of her amazing genuine personality, and how when Im with her seems like nothing can bring me down, she always cheer me up no matter what, she always knows what to say to make me smile, I love looking into her big brown beautiful eyes and just stare in amaze, nothing or no one can possibly come close to being as great as her..before in my past I had the biggest trust issues with girls from the beginning and didn’t even give them any trust..but with her I trust her completely and I know i get mad over the stupidest shit but im working on that..and i promise im gonna work it out..just bare wit me..& i know she wont break my trust, my love is so strong for her im actually scared to lose her..but over all, she’s the best girlfriend I’ve ever had and never wanna lose her

zombie clown..i fucking hate clowns though„

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